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I didn’t want to go to group therapy but found it therapeutic that I was with a group of people who understood how I felt. After a few weeks it was just like meeting a group of friends.

Feedback from a participant in the Bereavement Group

Great help. I feel I have come a long way and learnt a lot. The tasks I was given have been really beneficial, and I feel as though I can handle things a lot better.

Feedback from a client who had CBT therapy

I have not been with the service for very long but all of my experiences have been positive. The service has taken into account my personal circumstances and worked to accommodate these whenever possible. I have been very pleased with the service and the staff are fantastic.

Feedback from a client who is having Recovery therapy

I am so grateful to you and your support. It has brought both clarity and purpose into my life… which when we first met I doubted I’d regain… so thank you so much!

Feedback from a client who had Counselling therapy

If I could rate you out of 10, I’d give you 100.
Can’t put into words how great the service has been for me.

Feedback from a client of the service

This has been useful for me to put my worries into context and how to respond to them. I feel much better about myself and how to deal with problems if they arise. Thank you very much for your help.

Feedback from a client who had face to face Guided Self Help therapy

Liam and Louise are fantastic. It’s been an absolute pleasure being on this course and I have taken away a lot of information for which is very useful.

Feedback from a client who attended the Long Term Health Conditions Workshop