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What is Talking Matters Northumberland?

Talking Matters Northumberland offers a free psychological treatment, support and recovery service for the people of Northumberland over the age of 16 for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health related problems.

How do I get access to TMN?

You can be referred by your GP or other health professionals or you can self-refer. Click the link to learn more about referring to TMN.

How much does it cost?

Talking Matters is a free service.

How long do I have to wait?

We aim to contact you within three working days to let you know the outcome of your referral. If we feel we can help you, we will offer you an appointment. Otherwise we will signpost you to a more appropriate service where possible.

Is TMN a confidential service?

Yes. The only circumstances in which we would have to share confidential information is if we are concerned about your safety or someone else’s. If this were the case, we would try to discuss with you who we would talk to and why. On receipt of your referral, we will also contact your GP to keep him/her informed and request any information that would be helpful to us.

What can I expect from TMN?

Different treatments are recommended for different problems. Talking therapy, self-help approaches, medication and exercise tend to be most commonly recommended interventions for common mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. You may be offered psychological interventions that include talking therapies and self-help programmes.