A Peer Navigator is someone who has had an experience similar to yours. These individuals may be somebody:

  • with lived experience – Somebody who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition and who has directly accessed mental health services
  • who has had exposure to a friend or family member with a mental health condition
  • who would like to support and give something back to their local community (and finds this has a positive impact on their own recovery pathway)

Peer Navigators are trained by healthcare professionals to assist others with the initial emotional, psychological and practical uncertainties posed by their mental health problems.Peer Navigators do not advise or participate in clinical decisions, but offer support and serve as sounding boards to help the you and/or family sort through the roller-coaster of thoughts and feelings that are so common when faced with a common mental health problem like depression, stress or trauma.

It is important to realize that Peer Navigators do not replace the role of professional health care providers, we are simply another avenue of support. As Peer Navigators we hope to offer you supportive listening and encouragement in a positive environment. We can offer suggestions on managing the stresses of daily life based on Wellness principles and recovery values we have learned on our personal journeys. We can share what has worked for us in reaching a high level of recovery. It is important to realize that wellness and recovery is a very personal journey and you are in the driver’s seat!

Recovery can vary significantly from person to person. It is not less or more, it is what it means for you the individual.

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